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Anime Los Angeles Day 2

“Registration line is over there! If you have not registered, PLEASE GO FILL OUT A REGISTRATION FORM AT THAT TABLE!! ~~wwwONCE AGAIN! if you are NOT pre-registered, I NEED YOU TO FILL OUT A REGISTRATION FORM AT THAT TABLE!! AFTER YOU HAVE DONE SO, FALL IN LINE!”

…is what I said ad infinitum for about 3 hours in the morning manning the registration line on Saturday.

Day 2 wasn’t too interesting in terms of what I did, since I manned the reg line most of the time. haha  Once I got around to take a break, I attended a panel called “Anime Radio Theater” hosted by Kyle Hebert.  People in attendance included:
Chris Smith, Cristina Valenzuela, Derek Stephen Prince, Julie Rei Goldstein, Kaiji Tang, Keith Silverstein, Kyle Hebert, Lauren Landa, Marianne Miller, Miley Yamamoto, Patrick Seitz, Robert Axelrod, Shawn Crosby, Stephen Weese, and Tadao Tomomatsu

I don’t remember if they all were able to attend, since I didn’t recognize everyone by their face.  But it was amusing seeing these guys improv on their given roles/lines.  I don’t remember the exact story, but it involved beggars being exploited by some mob guys, and a man called “The Shadow” who is supposed to fight for them.  Had a Batman vibe to it, but was much more amusing.  Patrick Seitz voiced the Shadow, Derek Stephen Prince was some investigator guy, and Spike Spencer was a mob guy named… Spike.  heh Overall, it was enjoyable. I had a few laughs.

Well, after that, I went back to work. I ended up working the registration line again. I had a few lapses in concentration, since… well, I’d been doing this job for a while, and the line wasn’t really much of a line.  Sometimes, I wouldn’t notice that someone was waiting in line and there was someone available to help process their registration… ehe… haha… It went alright though. Everyone got their badge in a timely manner.

I was able to take a few pictures of people who passed by during times when there was no line.  Anyone who goes upstairs has to go back down through the registration area, so I probably was able to see most of the attendees just standing there. (Unless they took the elevator)

You see a lot of the guests at ALA. I saw Derek Stephen Prince near Registration. And passed by Patrick Seitz on many occasions. He’s a cool guy. I call out “It’s Patrick Seitz!!” and he’ll go, “What? Where!” “HO-OOOOOOOOH~!” or “LIES!!” (all 3 on separate occasions throughout the 3 days of con) hehe, I haven’t really heard many of his roles tho. The last one I can recall was General Jaeger in Valkyria Chronicles. He’s awesome, and I’m glad he was enjoying the con.

After that job, I had to help out to prep the place for the Masquerade lines.  I closed the Dealer’s Hall.  People would come up to me, and I had to tell them the place was closed. A Zero cosplayer tried to command me to open the hall. I was tired, so I gave him the usual spiel, but what I should have done was go, “YES, MY LORD!” and attempt to “break in”. haha… I had no ability to open the doors since I was outside and they were locked.  People can leave the place, but they can’t go back in.

Well, yeah, the lines. “Love the wall! Hug the wall! Hallway–bad. You don’t want the hallway,” said an ops guy we called Beast. I helped direct those lines. “Please stand up!” I said, when the lines were about to move.  Someone blurted out something Eminem-related, but I didn’t hear it clearly. haha…

Well, after the lines were all in, I was exhausted from the reg line stuff, and my sister had commissions to finish up for tomorrow, so we left early.

Alrighty~ Day 2 pictures~ Not very many of them, I’m afraid. And yes, they’re poor quality. LEAVE MY LAME CAMERA SKILLS ALONE! Check my next post for Day 3 when it comes. There’ll be more.

Appreciated the Valkyria Chronicles love~
…Miku? I’m not sure which song this outfit came from though. If I’m completely wrong feel free to correct me.
Noel~! Ahaha, she came up to me with her plush chicky thing, and told me how cute it was and told me to squeeze it. She was so cute… An– no, I didn’t squeeze anything else you perverts.
Eiko! I loved FF9. Eiko was a fun tomboyish loli. hahaha… There was a Kuja around that was pretty good, and a “meh” Zidane around, but I didn’t get to take a pic of those guys.
–I thought these Layton cosplayers were pretty cool. I didn’t notice that guy in the back til… well, just now. lol
–And I close with Beard Gai Kaguya for your viewing pleasure.


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