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And I finally finish my ALA posts

ALA loot

A few of the things I picked up at ALA.  ALA T-shirt, badge + ribbons, Gunslinger Girl OVA DVD, and a few Touhou bookmarks and Type-Moon buttons from lisu-c.  It was a good convention.  I was tired but hey, since when did people go to cons to rest? haha I’d have stayed longer, but I had to sort out all my crap for the first day of classes of my final undergraduate semester.

So, on to Day 3, I guess.

Forgive me if the details are a bit rusty.  Then again, maybe that’s a good thing, since there’s less of a wall of text to look through.

Well, I arrived somewhat early. Must have been around 9:30am.  I quickly began fulfilling my staff role.  Starting at the registration booth, greeting the sleep deprived con-goers and the occasional registration person.

As it is the last day, there wasn’t too much to do there, so pretty soon I ended up roving/patrolling the grounds.  The part I like about this is that I get to see so many great cosplays and take pictures every so often.

Around 11am I passed by a religious panel, or more specifically, TheologiCon, which according to the material is “a Sunday morning non-denominational and inter-faith (as well as no-faith) friendly service open to the entire Anime Los Angeles community.”  Well, the place was empty.  I kinda felt bad for the guy sitting up on the tables starting at a room of empty seats.  I’m a Catholic myself, and I did go to mass that morning. (Oh so early in the morning. haha)   Well, later when I passed by again, I was glad to see a couple people come in at least…

Out on the Pool Deck, I did meet up with some of my AX forum friends. :3  (Actually I had met up with them the day before, but I didn’t mention them did I? ehe…)   Met up with Vensy, who had an freakin awesome Miku cosplay going on. heh Took a few more pictures out there.

Oh, also visited the “Parents Lounge”  Apparently it’s a place for… well, I guess displaced parents to hang out.  It was empty when I came in, apart from the 2 people taking care of the place.  haha  Had a bunch of board games and reading material all just sitting around.   There was a mahjong table there, and I played a quick game.  Apparently there were people there before.  I’d have loved to play a game of mahjong with real tiles with some of them…

The Maid Cafe was busy as usual…


Yeah, I did a lot of roving that day, didn’t I? I checked out mid-afternoon, if I recall correctly. Took a look in a few panels.  Saw the Spoony Bards perform.  I think whoever was on vocals could have used a good warm up first.  She tended to sound off at the beginning of most her songs.  Can’t complain about the dudes on the keyboards, guitars, and percussion.  Seemed cool.  I bought one of their cds right after.

hm, hm, what else… I hung out in Artist’s Alley after that.  My sister was getting really tired of everything. haha  Last year, I stayed really late helping out with the traffic (dealers leaving with their gear, etc.)  A good thing happened last year when we met up with voice actor Patrick Seitz (sleeping on a couch), though, so I guess it was worth it.

Speaking of that guy, I saw him all the time.  That man knows how to enjoy a con, I must say. I liked calling out his name when I saw him.
-“Mr. Patrick Seitz!!” -“What? Where?!”
-“It’s Patrick Seitz!”     -“Lies!”

There were a few others but I can’t remember them. haha….

I did a lot of roaming so there’s no real order to what I did, unlike in Day 1.

So I present you pictures~

Oh, and btw. Photoshop made these pictures much better. My photography skills fail.

Found the karaoke place for the first time that day.

I’m sorry but singing Caramelldansen in English just sounds wrong. …At least, I think that’s what they were singing in this pic…..

I found another Sakuya cosplay! hah

R-R-Rail Tracer!! Probably one of the better shots I’ve taken (read: very little photoshop editing). heh  These two were awesome.  Loved their cosplays.

There was a panel where otaku were being taught kendo. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think this was amusing.

Kenshin + PedoBear = ????

The beautiful Vensy in all her Miku glory~

Caught an AX forum friend in the picture too.

A lot of magnet cosplayers… Male ones included.

hoho… staplers.

I kept running into this Yuuka/Cirno duo all day that day. Even when we got a bit lost trying to find the exit, I ran into them twice. I’m not a stalker I swear.

Mune mune kyun~!
Alright now let’s have the otaku follow~
Mune mune kyun~!
One of the more interesting panels I visited. heh

The Spoony Bards!

Nightmare Fuel Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
I saw this dude in the Carl’s Jr. restaurant wearing something like this. It was… amusing? I think?

To artist’s alley!
People browsing the tables

My sister Pompi manning her AA table.

Sold out of the twins!

The power of the portable sticker maker!

Our artist friends Kathy and Dorothy!

Funny story, we were trying to help them find their way out without using the stairs/escalators due to all the art stuff they were lugging around… took us a while, and like I said, I ran into those Touhou girls twice during that little adventure.

Not to mention I first ran into those two as they were going to the restroom and not too long after… I wanted a picture! It was just a bad time to ask, so they told me they were going to the ladies room and couldn’t take a picture. I found them again not too long after and asked them then. Wasn’t stalking them, I just ran into them again! Really! I was roving anyway! Stop looking at me like that!!

Seriously though, as a ConOps rover, I saw a lot of the same people over and over again. Was kinda fun actually, chatting with people about their different cosplays and other things.

Eventually Kathy, Dorothy, my sister, and I found our way out. heh
And so ends my day at ALA.


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