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Monthly Archives: April 2010

I wonder where I’m going to go with this…


So… anyway.
I’ll be graduating with my undergraduate degree in a few weeks. It’s been a fairly busy semester, so I’ve hardly had any time to do much of anything outside of schoolwork, let alone post on this neglected blog of mine.

Where am I going to go with this blog? Not entirely sure. For now, I guess I’ll start with expanding on an “East/West Otaku” presentation I made in an anime class I took this semester. I also have this tendency to dabble in many different areas, so you might see a number of various things related to what I want to do. I plan on getting back into the anime scene once I get all the graduation and job stuff over with. For now you might just see Touhou posts or something. Or my doodles. Well, it’s me rambling, in any case.

I’m learning how to use this wordpress blog… I’ll add people on my blogroll once I get around to posting in a regular fashion.

Til next time folks~