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Panels, Panels, Panels. — Anime Expo 2010 Day 1

Line Expo, GO!

Well then, I think it’s time I updated this thing.

As you can see, I did attend Anime Expo. So, I’m wondering how to summarize this so that I don’t ramble and bore all of you…

The top photo is the registration line on Day 1. The mother in front of me was complaining, but she had no idea how much worse the AX registration line used to be. I did arrive somewhat late, around 9:30, 10:00am, so the line was moving at a good pace. Got through it in about 45 minutes.

Well, my first day, I hit a bunch of AX guest panels at once. After most of the panels, they give you a ticket that gives you priority in their autograph line, so that’s the main reason why I went to these things.

I missed opening ceremonies (again) and just went straight to the panels, starting with the Japanese DJs panel. I don’t remember all their names, but I did remember REDALiCE. Didn’t allow photos at the panel, so I don’t have any of them.

While waiting for the panel to start, I decided to go outside to the BlazBlue cosplay meetup. I’m no good at things like this. I guess I’m better at taking photos when they’re not being mobbed by a ton of photographers.

And here come the photographers.

Some BlazBlue for you.

Next panel was May’n’s. A loooot of people there.

The May'n panel line

Dammit, I want a picture too

After that, was Nabeshin. This guy is really funny and awesome… I need to start and finish Excel Saga now. I’ve always wanted to see it.

Nabeshin ready to draw his weapon

And AFTER THAT….. I went to Yuu Asakawa’s panel.

While in line for that, I snapped a photo of an adorable Kogasa.

An adorable Kogasa

While waiting in the room for Asakawa, the AX guys felt the need to advertise this on the projector screen.

And Asakawa herself!

Looks like she's having fun.

I found most of these panels interesting, but I can’t for the life of me remember much of what was talked about. it was generally just Q&A from the audience. I remember someone asking about Asakawa in Viper GTS. ahaha… and the audience going all “oooooooooooo” when he asked that. She calmly said something like, it wasn’t voiced by someone named “Yuu Asakawa” and this is the “Yuu Asakawa” panel, so she wasn’t answering the question. I’ve yet to confirm whose name is credited, but I thought that was awesome.

And AFTER THAT….. (this is the last one, really) I went to the panel with the Eden of the East trifecta. It was really subdued, but it’s not like these guys are musicians or actors, so it was expected.

These guys.

Tomohiko Ishii.

Kenji Kamiyama.

Satoru Nakamura.

What an interesting day, right? lol
Afterwards I went to the exhibit hall and ran into a little concert. I later realized that it was Minami Kuribayashi singing there. I have a crappy video of it somewhere, but I’m too lazy to upload it. ^^;

Concert at the mangagamer booth

Still in the exhibit/dealer’s hall.


After that, I remembered from the panel that some of the Japanese DJ’s would be putting on a performance outside. Too bad I missed REDALiCE.

The Nokia Plaza

The crowd was a bit curious. Most of them were standing away from the the stage, save for a small group. …That is until people recognized that he was beginning to play Caramelldansen. Then this 20 yard gap between the people in front of the stage and the people standing around it just disappeared and people did the Caramelldansen dance. ah, memes. Bringing people together.

One of the DJs

heh, after that…. nothing interesting. I went around the con, snapped a few pics, talked to people in the artist’s alley… would have stayed later, but my sisters in artist’s alley wanted to go home for the night. Probably needed to work on stuff anyway. Well then, that’s it for Day 1. Day 2 is up next!


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