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Autographs, Lines, and Surprise Guests — Anime Expo Day 2

Photo by YOJI ABE (YO-2 design)

Okay, so I wrote about day 1, let’s move on to day 2 before I forget or get lazy. heh

Well, this day I was carpooling with my sister’s friend’s cousin, who was one of the artists in the alley. Came to the con in one piece, they went and registered, and I went and wandered around for something for Yuu Asakawa to sign. My first thought was one of those shikishi (autograph board) thingys. Well, I had a lot of trouble finding one. haha… I kept my options open looking for anything with Rider, Sakaki, Priss, or Motoko. Never did find anything decent that was sign-able and for the modest budget that I had. By the time I DID find some shikishi, it was 12:00pm and Asakawa’s signing had started already. I walked over, but the line had closed by then. So, I fell in line for the Eden of the East guys I mentioned in Day 1. Their signing started at 12:30. And I successfully got their signatures on a Funimation Eden of the East poster. so yay. By then it was 1-something, and I had a concert to go to!

Note: Okay, I started writing this post about a month ago (July 25). The following is written on Aug 26.
Let’s hope my memory still works. hahaha

Unfortunately, my rather busy, procrastinating, and sleepless days in the past few years as an engineering major severely limited the number of anime I watched. So I hardly knew any of the songs going into this concert. Macross F is one of those series put on hold at the moment. haha Still, having thoroughly browsed nico nico during my procrastination sessions, I did at least recognize a few of the songs, notably Lion and Seikan Hikou. (lol nico nico medleys)

…screw it, I’m watching the concert on youtube again, jogging my memory, and reediting everything. Someone around is bound to record something all ninja-like without being spotted by staff. heh (and you won’t know anything about my previous version! hahahaha)

I found myself sitting on the left side, V512. The rows go from A to Z/AA to SS so I was placed somewhere in the center of the Orchestra section of the theater. A bunch of guys to the left of me, and a chunk of empty seats and a girl to the right of me. Not bad. The smell wasn’t bad either. cool.

May’n was the first one to come out. And she came out strong with the song “Welcome to My FanClub’s Night!”. I was already in excited-fanboy mode without knowing exactly what I was fanboying over. Her voice was powerful, and she and her pair of backup dancers certainly exuded a lot of energy on stage. Before I knew it, I was standing up pumping my fist up in the air (or whatever the hell I was doing with my arms) along with everyone! Yes, this uncoordinated being here was performing the otagei with everyone who cared to do so, hand waving and cheering and all. haha In between songs was also really fun. Engrish, cheering, attempts and successes at communication, more loud cheering. lol Yeah, everyone pretty much cheered at every sentence. hahahaha May’n was really cute then. 😀

Image from Japanator

*I’m listening to recordings on youtube as I’m writing* OMG memories. It feels so long ago. aaaaaaaaaaa
And F yeah “Universal Bunny”. I loved hearing this live. There’s an energy there that you just don’t hear in the regular track. There was a nice little reprieve from all the otagei with “Diamond Crevasse”. Almost on cue, once the lights dimmed and the music started, everyone seemed to sit down almost simultaneously. And then after all her songs (and there were plenty) Megumi Nakajima came onstage.

I had no idea who decided on her outfit, but it was outrageous. lol Hm… what was that song that I sang along with… *youtube searches* aha. “Anata no Oto”. Singing along with “dokkun dokkun dokkun” haha. and then there was “Ninjiin Loves you yeah!” She even did her own English lyrics with this song. That was so freakin adorable.

Photo by YOJI ABE (YO-2 design)

“Watashi no Kare wa Pilot” was somewhere next, and the guess floating around that our surprise guest was going to be Mari Iijima was shot down right there, I thought. There came a point where she pointed out that piano that had been sitting on the stage throughout the concert. “I wonder why there’s a piano here” or something to that effect. Then she shrugged and said, “I don’t know.” I didn’t know either. My mental faculties had since been turned into a pile of mush at that point. And then Seikan Hikou. Oh the loud roars of “KIRAAAAAA~☆!!!!” echoed through the stage. In the previous songs saw a large chunks of people sitting down. (Like the dudes to my left) But this one got most of them right back up.

And somewhere in the middle of Seikan Hikou someone walked on stage and I was all “who is th– wait”
and then I hear Megumi announcing… “YOKO KANNO!!!” FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF As I had not thought any more about the mysterious piano minutes earlier, this hit me like a wall of bricks from left field. HOLY CRAP MAN. Words could not express the surprise and extreme joy I felt right then and there. Full force fanboy/otagei mode lol. And seeing Kanno dance and do the Kira~☆ pose along with everyone was definitely one of the highlights of that concert. hahaha

(Oh, I found a clip, finally.)

omg her reaction at 5:34. lol
And the audience was much much louder than the video lets on, trust me.

Then we went into a little acapella/acoustic mode with Kanno on the piano. Megumi started with Aimo, with Kanno joining in with the following Voices and Ao no Ether. Kanno even had a little thingy that made bird sounds. Other people have said that Megumi’s voice did start to go a bit off by this point, and I agree. Still, I thought Kanno’s piano playing more than made up for that. Then the pair started off with another Macross Plus song with “Ai Oboete Imasu Ka” and May’n re-enters the stage.

Photo by YOJI ABE (YO-2 design)

This shows just the beginning, but the memories are flooding back now.

a wonderful rendition of “Diamond Crevasse” with all three of them followed that, and then Yoko Kanno left to leave it the two singers to close this concert out with “Lion” (yay, I know the lyrics! haha) and “Triangler” Needless to say, I was still really excited, and kinda hoped that little cheer for an encore ended up getting louder, but alas, it was a long concert, and half the people had already headed for the exits.

Oh but so much fun. I thank that girl next to be for joining in the otagei and being all fangirly along with me while others around me sat down. 😀

And the day’s NOT OVER!!! AHAHAHAHAHaahaha…ha….

um…. what did I do afterwards?

by that time it was 3:30ish… *opens program*
Ah. The Yui Horie panel at 4:30.
I think I had some vague sort of lunch clear across the convention center to the artist alley where I also left my camera. Then I went all the way across again to get to the panel. And oh the lines.

I honestly cannot remember much. A lot of Toradora and a lot Minori quotes. (Moruze~ cho moruze~~~) haha It WAS really moe though. 😀 Kinda disappointed that the first part was the whole first episode of Toradora and that they took questions from stuff that people had submitted from somewhere, as opposed to getting it from the audience directly. Still it was fun seeing her in person. 😀

RIGHT afterwards was her only signing. No autograph tickets here, and I was too late to realize that. Half of the audience left to fall in line in the middle of the panel. And by the time I got out (after the end of the panel) there were, well, LINES.

The Hocchan Horde

Needless to say, I never got near the door of the room where she was signing stuff.

Well, I hadn’t taken many pictures then, so I took the opportunity to do so right after this. 😀
So I’ll leave you with a few of my cosplay photos, and I’ll see you on my next AX post.

Somehow a vuvuzela just fits Haruhi.

So Freakin Adorable.


And my Oiwake dinner plate before going back home and going to bed.


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