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Lines and Line-making Implements — Anime Expo Day 3

Gonna get a lot more crowded in the next few hours.

OKay, I’m a month after the last post, but here we go! With the approach of Saturday came Anime Expo Day 3.
There were a lot of guests around here that I really like, so my current autograph count was still fairly low, relative to all the guests. Day 3 was primarily made up of my adventures correcting that.

Arrived around 9AM with my two sisters, my sister’s friend, and her cousin, watching the famed LA food trucks roll in the parking lot across the street. I was tempted to go around with a sign saying there’s much much cheaper food over there than the convention food, but I had autographs to get. haha

You don't want to buy expensive con food? Try the food trucks.

So anyway, I had some spare time until Megumi Nakajima’s panel, so I did what I usually did and went around and snapped a few photos in and around the convention center. Nakajima’s panel started at 11am, and so I attended, along with many others. It has been over 3 months, and my memory is a bit hazy, but I’m pretty sure it was the standard “people go up and ask questions” panel, and, as is the case with these panels, most of the questions were uninteresting. heh Uninteresting as they may be, they did show off her cute side a bit, asking her to sing/speak a few lines. ^^

I think she's awesome. Or is 'cute' more fitting? I think it is...

I did find out that her mother was Filipino, and that I’m fairly certain the songs her mother played overlapped with the songs my dad played. haha… She said she would like to try singing in Tagalog at some point, but I don’t expect that anytime soon. Still, it would be a nice surprise.

Alright, moving on, my sister’s friend’s cousin wanted to go see Rei Hiroe and the Black Lagoon Season 3 Premiere. Started off with a nice little trailer before getting into the first ep of Roberta’s Blood Trail. Now, I’m a fan of Black Lagoon, but I’d been reading the manga instead of watching the anime. ehe… still, even though I knew what was going to happen, I thought it was well done. Kept the gritty atmosphere, and was almost straight off the pages. Loli-shotgun-wielding-meido ftw. In the meantime, there was a second Yui Horie signing that was supposed to happen, but as I found out, she had canceled said signing. So I stuck around for Rei Hiroe’s panel.

But geeez… the translator they got for him seemed to be new at this, and it certainly did take a long time to translate back and forth during the Q&A session. The guy was messing with his notepad more than he was speaking. And half the time, he had to ask the more experienced translator to help him. I think it would have helped both sides from getting bored if this went more smoothly. Rei Hiroe is… interesting. I wondered how many of those people are aware of the ero-doujinshi he’s done.

In any case, I bailed out of the panel since Megumi Nakajima’s signing was at 1:30pm, and a friend of mine gave me her concert ticket for her to sign. Un~fortunately, after waiting in line for a good half hour or so, I discovered that I well past the cutoff point for autographs. heh. Oh well, dems the breaks.

Right after Megumi’s signing was Rei Hiroe’s signing. I was already there, so I was able to grab a spot somewhere in the middle of the line… haha. While I was in line, I saw Nabeshin nearby talking with a staffer. He had a rolling suitcase, and… well, since one guy already asked for an autograph, I’d might as well do that too! Pulled out one of my shikishi and got him to sign it~ Awesome guy, Nabeshin. I was worried I’d end up starting this mob of people for autographs, but luckily, that didn’t happen.

Well, back to Rei Hiroe. In his signing, he only signed posters that they provided, instead of the random things other people often bought to sign. I bought an artbook, but I guess a poster’s not too bad.

I got it framed.

Got that signed, and… well, while I was at it, I jumped into the MELL line that was signing autographs at the same time. ^^ And… well, I was told that I was going to be the last one in line. ^^; Oh joy~ bought her red fraction single in line cuz I didn’t have anything else to sign. I was actually kinda nervous, being the last one. When I went up, I got a little excited and wasn’t sure what to say. I don’t really remember what was said. haha Probably some greetings in simple English followed by simple Japanese phrases that came to mind. lol For something as simple as an autograph, it was rather fun and exciting, and I hope MELL enjoyed her time here.

Quiet you! Let me have my weeaboo moment.

haha 3 autographs in such a short time, I felt good! And hungry.
By this time, it was 3:30-ish and I hadn’t had lunch yet. So I ran back to the my sister’s Artist Alley booth to grab lunch. I think it was hot dogs? It’s been 3 months, I dunno. haha

And from there, food in my mouth, I went to the AX Forum Meet & Greet! Met some AX forumers I had not met in person before, and some that I had. There was a quite a bit of mingling in the beginning, so it started later than I thought it would. Not that I minded, but I still wanted to get my friend’s ticket signed, and Megumi had a second signing at 5:00pm. I remember that I was looking for a particular Touhou cosplayer there, but I was literally in-and-out of there. For you AX’ers that recognize me, sorry I didn’t stay very long! m(_ _)m

What a fun guy. haha

Well, I did leave, and got to the mob that was Megumi Nakajima’s autograph line. I got there fairly early, I thought, but I still ended up somewhere in the middle/rear end of the line. And at 6:00pm, they said that they were going to stop the signing. But wait! Megumi said she’d be willing to sign everyone’s item! Huzzah!
LACC’s exhibit hall closes right at 6:00pm. Apparently, their insurance or something prevents them from having people in the exhibit hall past the closing time. So to the woes of all in line, the LACC staff dispersed us all. Ah… but Megumi was so nice, her actions were very much appreciated, even if it was for naught.

Ah, yes. Lines. I have more pictures of the other lines I was in, but I'd rather not bore you with those.

So… yeah. Most of my day was spent in line. haha
I took this time to go around and take some pictures. Stopped by the Nokia Theater… also, I finally did find that Touhou cosplayer. haha ^-^

No, not him.

I... I don't even know.

Oh, it's Dokuro-chan~

Now we're getting somewhere.

Getting closer...

ta-da~ I found Vensy! In all her Flandre goodness!

After an hour or so of running around taking pictures, I jumped into a panel called “Ren’ai Video Games” just to sit down for a bit. The panel dealt a lot more with domestically created Ren’ai Games, so it didn’t really interest me. The 3 people behind me were rather fun to have a chat with. They had a Nia Tepplin dakimakura with them. I soon found out that it was the girl in the group that bought her, and not the dudes. Go figure. haha

I left there as my group (sisters, sister’s friend, & cousing) wanted to leave. I wanted to stick around for the MangaGamer panel, but that would have been too late for them. Oh well. It seems I missed out on quite a bit there, but that’s how it goes I guess.

Drove back to my sister’s friend’s home, got some Yoshinoya on the way, and then went back home for~~ Day Four.


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