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Flashing cameras, depleting funds, and OMG THE CON IS ENDING—Anime Expo Day 4

Day 4, early morning, outside West Hall

Ah, Day 4. The last day of Anime Expo. It’s a bittersweet day. You’re here to continue the fun that you’ve been having the rest of the con, but all things come to an end.

So far, I’ve just rambled on and on about my adventures. Honestly, this and the previous articles were more of a sort of journal-type articles instead of something for the reader. (Sorry. ^^; ) But if you’ve been enjoying this, well thanks for sticking around.

My last day at Anime Expo was much less about being at a certain place at a certain time, so I had a lot more freedom to go shopping and snap cosplay pictures.

Exhibit Hall/Artist Alley line, side entrance

Well, okay, I had to fall in line to get in the Exhibit Hall for the General Autograph session. I took the side entrance in the hopes that there would be less people. Well, it was sort of true.

Well, then came the mad dash to the back of the Exhibit Hall where they hold the autograph signings. Of the people that were present, the only one I saw that I had a chance of getting was Yuu Asakawa’s.

Why hello there, Asakawa-san.

I had bought a Love Hina boxset previously, but it wasn’t exactly in mint condition, so I thought that a shikishi would be better, so I had her sign that instead. ^^; In the very brief moment I had with her, she seemed so happy and was just all around full of awesome-ness. Probably made me an even bigger fan of her. haha

She's so fun.

Following that I spent some time browsing the exhibit hall, and passed by the MangaGamer booth, the dudes translating eroge and other such things. haha What i was rather interested in was the shikishi they were selling of the art from some of the artists. They only took cash so I made a little trip to the nearby ATM…

Oh, no worries, I can just get some money out of the HOLY CRAP ANOTHER LINE.

And I could have sworn that was Yoko Kanno passing by, but I couldn’t confirm. I did a double take, took a picture, and by the time I thought of going to run up to her she was already headed out the door. oh well. Reminded me of when I saw Chiaki Ishikawa walking out with her team of people at AX07. I should have asked for a picture with her. grr, that would have made my day having missed her signing… but that was 3 years ago.

Do you think the lady in the center is Yoko Kanno?

Anyhoo, cash in hand I finally decided to buy 2 shikishi from a pair of Age artists. One depicting Kagami Sumika from Muv-Luv and the other depicting Haruka Suzumiya from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. Drawn by Miyata Sou and Kyosuke Himukai, respectively. And as freebies with my purchase, I got a bag, a t-shirt, and an oppai mousepad. I thought I got a good deal out of that. haha

Well, I wasn’t giving up on getting my friend her autograph just yet, the general musical guests signing was at 12:30. They wouldn’t let us line up any time beforehand, due to whatever strange policy the convention center had. So there was this mass of people just mulling about near the back end of the exhibit hall. Weren’t allowed to loiter around either. That was a debacle in line management if there ever was one. While waiting, I bought a boxset of Najica Blitz Tactics in the meantime. (just feeding my desires for girls with guns haha)

Well, when they finally declared the lines opened, all hell broke loose. haha I never get a good place in line with things like this. I’m glad I wasn’t trying to get autographs from AKB48. That was a literal otaku stampede right there. Checking the EXIF data on my photos… I went back into the exhibit hall early. So since my memory fails me, either I didn’t make it in front of the cutoff point or Megumi Nakajima did not make it to the general signing. Otherwise, I would have stayed.


From this point on, all I did was wander the Exhibit Hall and convention center taking pictures of nearly anything of note. haha So, here comes the image spam:

It's a Little Kuriboh! IN AMERICA!

The J-List booth certainly had some... interesting merchandise.

The Touhou Music Listening Station at the Hen Da Ne! booth.

Shout out to Renko in her awesome Marisa cosplay for convincing me to buy a doujin music/artbook thing called palette ~人々が愛した幻想郷~


Anime Expo Information Services chilling out. Merch Booth behind them.

YOOWEEEE man checkin' his email.

Two good friends of ours at the alley~

Since wordpress doesn’t easily let me put links in captions: go visit them!
Kathy and her sister Dorothy

Danny Choo and his Mirai dolfie.

Natsume Booth.

Meido Yoko is so adorable!

MangaGamer giving out free Subway sandwiches and Pepsi along with purchases of their swag as the Hall closes.

When Artist Alley closes up, its a sad moment. By now the Exhibit Hall is closed to customers, and these guys are the only regular con-goers left.

Shout out to Ladre for taking my last dollar for a Marisa pin. 😀


Vensy, once again in her adorable Flan outfit. 😀

Oh hey, it's Bryanne! and a Marisa puppet that I really wanted.

Um... yeah.

Hell yes, Daisuke Jigen.

Ah heck, let’s take pics of random photographers too.

Photographers need love too. haha

This dude was taking shots while rolling all over the lobby in a computer chair.

Afterwards, we had an early dinner with my sisters’ friends, most of whom were volunteers manning the Funimation booth. After some fro-yo, we split off and me and my sisters went into Little Tokyo and I discovered a number of AX’ers with con-withdrawal symptoms. Jungle had a bunch of people in there, and everywhere you walked, chances were you would run into people with AX badges.

SleepyD's food pictures begin again!!

Sorry, I bit into the wing and drank the miso soup before I thought to take a picture.

A something-don! I don't remember what my sister had under all that egg. haha

Fro-yo and the Funimation booth volunteers and some of their parents. haha

Cosplay photos will continue on! Even if AX has already ended hours ago!

Summary of AX loot.

Well, that’s my little story. If you’ve read through all 4 of those articles, thank you very much. I had a lot of fun at AX, and certainly cannot wait for next year. I don’t know what else is going to come my way now that I’ve graduated with my bachelor’s, but we’ll see how it goes, and I hope to continue blogging in the meantime.


2 responses to “Flashing cameras, depleting funds, and OMG THE CON IS ENDING—Anime Expo Day 4

  1. zjhentohlauedy 26 October 2010 at 16:43

    You really like taking photos of lines D:

    and seriously lots of special guests *_*

    • SleepyD 26 October 2010 at 19:05

      haha well, I was IN line a lot, so that’s all I had to take pictures of. And most of these lines were for said guests, so there you go. haha

      Usually there’s only 1 or 2 guests that I’m interested in seeing, but this year was crazy in the number of guests I wanted an autograph from.

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