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Anime Expo 2011: Days 0-2 Lines, Panels, and CONCERTS

Alrighty, let’s see if I can get a summary out quickly before I forget about everything. XD;

AX Begins~

Day 0: Get the badge so I can start doing con-things from the beginning of Day 1!
Hitched a ride with my sisters and drove them to summer school. Took the bus over to Downtown. Met a friend of mine, Queenie, at Union Station. A morning subway ride and a nice walk to the convention center, I arrived. Realized I forgot my camera, oh well. Met some more online friends of mine. Stood in line. Sat in line. For a number of hours. Had subway for lunch. Sang along with random songs that people in line started singing. Like the Pokemon theme, Be a Man, and Never Gonna Give You Up. Line finally started moving, got my badge, got my Miku and Kalafina tickets. I’m set! Hung around for a little while, met a few more people at the JW lobby. Then left for home. (Yes, I’m a commuter–sorry, no hotel antics will appear in this summary)

Day 1: Panels, Panels everywhere!!
OKAY, here we go. I got here nice and early. Took a few cosplay pics, dove into the Sugano/Hirano Panel, a director and artist from Idea Factory. Good stuff. Some suggestive art was displayed to the amusement of the fans gathered. heh (I should finish Neptunia, now that I think of it)
Right after, dove into the line for the Kalafina panel. Keiko is freakin’ awesome. Really outgoing girl, she is. The dynamic between Wakana and her is great! Hikaru on the other hand is on the shy side, so cute. XD; The audience at the panel got to sing her an early happy birthday~ Yay~ (her birthday would be tomorrow on their concert day)

Just before the Kalafina Panel begins

Aaaand right after that, I went to the Miyuki Sawashiro panel! And Danny Choo was there as the MC/Interpreter. haha I found the interaction between the two made the panel much more interesting. The questions themselves were… meeeh. As usual. Sawashiro-san has a wonderful, powerful voice, but she can still do the cute voice thing. Hearing vastly different voices from someone is still entertaining to me. haha

OKAY. after that, I did some more exploring and photo taking… probably should have dove into the Miku Keynote panel, but eh. I went to the exhibit hall, grabbed a standby autograph ticket from a staffer for Kalafina. Took pics and browsed until the autograph time at 4:30pm. And those girls go through autograph lines really quick. haha I got my oblivious CD signed~ whoo~ It was their first single, so seeing their reactions and hearing Keiko say “natsukashii na~” made me feel all warm and fuzzy. X3

YAAAAAAY~~ (although technically, I'm missing one member from this single. heh)

Then after, I got lunch (lunner?) at the Sushi Burrito truck outside. 😀 CA Roll burrito is nice and filling.

Courtesy of the Sushi Burrito Truck

Dove into the AX Forum M&G for a little while. Then went to get a standby ticket for Nirgilis, put my bag in my car w/ camera, then to Club Nokia. 😀 It was fun, joining the audience in shouting KAAA MEEEE HAAA MEEE HAAAAA~ or SEX! ON THE BEACH! during their set. Luckily, there were TV screens telling people what to say in case they didn’t understand them through their japanese accents. haha

So after that little bout of fun, I checked out Danny Choo’s panel. I did not expect to hear career advice in an anime convention of all places, but it was interesting to hear. Common sense habits that really aren’t very common. Hopefully, I can take his advice to heart and get my little hobbies in blogging/art/singing up and going.

Danny's PIE.

Day 2: CONCERTS WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!! HEY! HEY! HEY! EI! エイ!エイ!( ゚∀゚)o彡゜えーりん!えーりん!Wait.
OKAY, according to my photos’ EXIF data, I arrived just before 9am. I tried to get Sawashiro’s autograph right when the Exhibit hall opened, but alas, no dice. OTL Oh well. I did get Sugano’s and Hirano’s autograph though~

Another little story that morning: the guys in front of me in the exhibit hall line wanted me to buy them Da Capo II for them cuz they were underage. Now, being the square that I am, I would have said no, but here’s the weird thing–They only wanted the free oppai mousepad and the t-shirt that came with the visual novel. O_o so, they paid for it all $50 worth, I bought it, gave them the free goodies, and I got. Da Capo II. For free. o_O I had purchased the first D.C. already on Day 1. I didn’t have the money for the second, but this was a nice surprise, I have to say. heh

Also LAPD Bomb Squad did indeed show up to check out a “suspicious package” Made things inconvenient for a while if you needed to walk between the South and West Halls, as you had to go out in the burning sun to go around the police lines.

Surprisingly, this ISN'T a common sight at conventions.

For the rest of the day I was just taking pictures. Touhou Gathering was that afternoon too. As usual, lots of crossplayers. But to my delight, not all. haha




Took pics right up until the Kalafina concert. Now I did get a small pocket knife of mine confiscated by Club Nokia staff, which was a bit of a bummer, but those hauntingly beautiful vocals remedied that. Ahhh it was as great as I thought it would be. Even the fact Hikaru’s earpiece wasn’t working properly offered a bit of entertainment. After Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa, Hikaru left the stage, to fix her earpiece. Wakana was about to introduce Hikaru, and then: “Hikaru? HIKARUUU?!” hahaha There are much more awesome articles out there detailing the concert itself. But as a Kajiura fan and Kalafina fan, I thoroughly enjoyed that concert.

After the concert, I’m not entirely sure what I did. haha
I got my bag from the AX bag check, and brought it to my car so I didn’t have to check in my bag for the Miku concert. I think after I dropped off my bag, I went straight for the lines forming at the Nokia Theater. Talked to a couple of guys that came out here all the way from North Carolina just for Miku. Went to my seat. Center orchestra, left aisle seat, row W. I apologize to the people whose feet I may have stepped on getting to my seat. (I had entered on the right side, not knowing I would have to cross the whole row to get to my seat. haha)

It's weird seeing Miku on those huge video billboards at Nokia Plaza...

As I entered through the metal detectors, I could hear Danny Choo MC’ing and getting the growing audience excited. Followed by a little performance from Danceroid~
And then it begun. To be honest, I couldn’t really put into words how I felt. So, I’ll let others take care of that. Like with Kalafina, I had an awesome time. I mean, I’m seeing something I’ve only heard and watched on NND and other places, but there she was. Miku, in all her twin tail glory. Instant costume changes, introducing the live band in English, singing World’s End Dancehall in English (not sure how many people picked up on that. haha)
I don’t remember exactly which song Queenie (remember her?) presented me with a glowstick for my then empty, wildly waving fists, but I think it was around Uraomote Lovers/Two-faced Lovers. I have to thank her for allowing me to join the sea of glowsticks waving around to the rhythm of the music… more or less. haha
Criticisms? Yeah, maybe. Miku didn’t “disappear” for me like she did for others, she merely faded when she went over to the right. At times, the accompaniment seemed to overpower the Vocaloid vocals. Awkward encore chant? Yep. Did any of this diminish my experience? Hell no, it didn’t. I’m here to have fun, not criticize, so damn it, I’ll jump around, wave my glowstick around, and have fun! (You should try it too, it’s fun :D) Guy in the 5th row jumping around like crazy in a sea of people sitting down? Props to you.

After the concert, I met up with more friends of mine, chatted a bit. Also ran into Vensy and her boyfriend, who I’ll just call Q. Certainly an interesting couple those two. haha I was fairly tired at the time, so I just hung out for an hour or two there at Nokia Plaza. I considered going to whatever 18+ panel was going on then, but eh. So I just chatted with Q as Vensy was having a little videoshoot. I assume a lot of it went into this video below. And I’ll plug her website for you all: vensy.netAlso met a drunk dude. I think he hugged me. XD; Oh, Los Angeles. Saw an LAPD officer on a bike not too long after who had a little talk with him. heh

Well, after that I said goodbye, walked to my car, and… drove back home. Man this is long, I’m going to have to split this up. …And add pictures. But you’ll see the pictures before you get to this point anyway. muahaha


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