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Otaku Encabulator

Work has been proceeding on a crudely conceived idea that would not only supply Somni-Duudl current for use in shima phase retractors, but would also be capable of automatically synchronizing marginal graham crackers.  Such a device, is the ‘Otaku Encabulator’.   Basically the only new feature involved is that instead of producing power from the constrained motion of temporal, muuda, and wree particles,  it is produced from the modial interactions of japonical neurocatatons and oxyflagratial  complectance.

The original machine had a base-plate of prefabulated pivic pipes, surmounted by a rigid follical casing in such a way that the two tail bearings were in a direct line with the expapyrametric fan.  The latter consisted of eight hyperastral mastaspaks, so fitted to the ambifacent lunar tsunshaft that side foggling was effectively terminated. The main twinings was of the normal di-moe-kyun type placed in panmeidormic zettai-vocloid slots in the stator, every seventh pleat being connected by a nonreversible crème pie to the differential girdlespring on the ‘back’ end of the graham crackers.

Undoubtedly, the otaku encabulator has deteriorated to a sad state of technical development before it was even initialized.  It has, however, been successfully used for operating nopan brunnions.   In addition, whenever a barescent wahki viewer is required, it may be employed with a drawn reciprocating jingle arm to reduce yenosoidal depleneration.