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Anime Los Angeles 2011

I realize this is months late, but I found this draft just sitting around, and I figure I’ll just post what I have. Not like I’ll remember anything new to add anyway. I did go to Anime Expo, but I don’t think I’ll be posting a “con-diary” of sorts like I have before. Well, in any case, I hope you look forward to future articles by me~ Even if I’m absolutely horrid at updating. I’m a horrible blogger. haha

Edit: Okay, I lied, maybe I will post a recap article of my experience at AX. haha look forward to it~

Original draft below
It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been working on my job search and haven’t really had time to sit down and write much of anything without feeling like I should be looking for new places to send my resume to.

Anyhoo, enough of my personal life. This won’t be as long as my previous con postings because 1) Most of my non-staff activities were just taking pictures 2) It was almost 2 months ago and I may be a bit fuzzy on the details and 3) ALA is more of a con that you go for the atmosphere/people than the events and guests anyway.

Let’s start with my staff experience and go from there, yeah?
Staffing for ALA Operations is great, since half the time I’m patrolling around the whole grounds of the con, or “roving” as we call it. Keep things orderly and nice, and call in hotel security if need be. We also check for people who don’t have their weapons peacebonded, direct them to the peacebonding station, remove peacebonds for photos, and peacebond them again right after. Although I’m not sure if many people are aware of those last two items. Compared to, say, Anime Expo, we’re a lot less stringent on our weapons policies. I mean, it’s understandable. AX is a much bigger convention and some idiot brandishing a semi-realistic weapon could get them in a whole lot of trouble. But I digress.

The other part of being part of Operations is manning the registration line. It’s not really very exciting, keeping people in line, but somebody’s gotta do it. On the plus side, since nearly everyone passes through that area, you get to see a lot of awesome cosplayers. Combined with my roving duties, it’s perfect for taking photos. Or if I’m busy (which is usually the case), identifying cosplayers and then hunting them down for a photo after I go off duty. haha

So, cosplay. This time around, I took way more pictures than I ever have at a convention. Nowhere near some other people who do this all the time, but I nabbed a few hundred. Most aren’t that great though, I’m still new to this thing. Not to mention that the yellow lighting indoors isn’t really the best light to take pictures in. The pool deck, which is outdoors, is really quite awesome. There’s a reason why cosplay gatherings are usually held out here. I can leave my camera on “auto” and I can get nice shots. heh

Quality of cosplay always runs the gamut from those that were slapped together in an hour to those that were slaved upon for months on end. That’s normal. What really gets me excited is if I see a cosplay of a character that I hardly ever see cosplayed. Speaking of, I saw a lot more Touhou cosplays that I had ever seen previously. That made me quite happy. Although I ended up spending most of Day 2 outside taking pics of the Touhou group. You can find most of these photos on my cosplay.com gallery.


Flashing cameras, depleting funds, and OMG THE CON IS ENDING—Anime Expo Day 4

Day 4, early morning, outside West Hall

Ah, Day 4. The last day of Anime Expo. It’s a bittersweet day. You’re here to continue the fun that you’ve been having the rest of the con, but all things come to an end.

So far, I’ve just rambled on and on about my adventures. Honestly, this and the previous articles were more of a sort of journal-type articles instead of something for the reader. (Sorry. ^^; ) But if you’ve been enjoying this, well thanks for sticking around.

My last day at Anime Expo was much less about being at a certain place at a certain time, so I had a lot more freedom to go shopping and snap cosplay pictures.

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Lines and Line-making Implements — Anime Expo Day 3

Gonna get a lot more crowded in the next few hours.

OKay, I’m a month after the last post, but here we go! With the approach of Saturday came Anime Expo Day 3.
There were a lot of guests around here that I really like, so my current autograph count was still fairly low, relative to all the guests. Day 3 was primarily made up of my adventures correcting that.

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I wonder where I’m going to go with this…


So… anyway.
I’ll be graduating with my undergraduate degree in a few weeks. It’s been a fairly busy semester, so I’ve hardly had any time to do much of anything outside of schoolwork, let alone post on this neglected blog of mine.

Where am I going to go with this blog? Not entirely sure. For now, I guess I’ll start with expanding on an “East/West Otaku” presentation I made in an anime class I took this semester. I also have this tendency to dabble in many different areas, so you might see a number of various things related to what I want to do. I plan on getting back into the anime scene once I get all the graduation and job stuff over with. For now you might just see Touhou posts or something. Or my doodles. Well, it’s me rambling, in any case.

I’m learning how to use this wordpress blog… I’ll add people on my blogroll once I get around to posting in a regular fashion.

Til next time folks~